[clug] Christmas BBQ?

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 01:32:17 MDT 2010

Paul's place is good, but he's never forgiven me for throwing up on
the carpet or pissing in the water tank at the 2007 CLUG Christmas
bbq, so I wonder if we ought to seek somewhere where antisocial
behavior can be harmless. I have a spare 3G USB modem for anyone who
wants to get all Hackfest in the middle of a social occasion.

Or there could be a point of view that says, "Y'know? It might be good
for Geeks to talk and throw a frisbee for a while with no screen
bigger than a mobile phone to concentrate on." Of course I don't
subscribe to any such out-there crazy ideas.

Some of we older cluggers have kids who *love* going to a park and
will far better tolerate their geek adult governors if they can run
wild. (the kids, not the geeks. I guess.)

All of which is to say +1 to... well, myself really, in support of my
earlier suggestion.

Mind you, if it's a horrible rainy day and BMP is washed out, Paul can
stand at his front door pouring boiling oil on those of us humbly
begging sanctuary.


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