[clug] Anyone using 'Asterisk' as a SIP client??

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun Oct 10 03:30:17 MDT 2010

steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> writes:

> Does anyone on-list use 'Asterisk'??

I did, but we found that our mobiles were less costly and less trouble to use
than maintaining a fixed line phone, so saw more use, making the later less
valuable ... 'til we ditched it.


> The next step would be either ditching the analogue POTS phone/service or
> finding an affordable FXO interface (looks like a handset to the
> exchange. Just like a modem).  My own little 2-line Telephone Exchange!

FWIW, I would strongly encourage you to go "all digital" in your own network,
since every analog hop is a total *cough* large volume of annoyance to try and
tune away echo and other problems.

You can get a digital (DECT) cordless Siemens Gigaset SIP phone that will
happily talk to Asterisk, and which is digital all the way through.  Much,
much nicer — and you only have *one* analog port to tune when it turns out
that the call quality is a disaster for the other party.[1]

That also lets you be pure-digital internally, and out-source all the analog
stuff to a voice service provider.


[1]  Not that I speak from approximately 17 hours of recorded time working to
     tune this, including getting nice tone generation going to get a known
     good signal in, and working for a lot of time to get volume in and out to
     be sane ... only to find the next provider needed it all done again.

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