[clug] Anyone using 'Asterisk' as a SIP client??

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Sat Oct 9 22:36:32 MDT 2010

Hi Steve,

I've used it quite a bit over the years, have connected various devices
and things into it, including using it as a SIP client with Internode,
Engin, also: IAX trunks with other Asterisk boxes, monitoring my alarm
(including arm/disarm & door opening), running ISDN lines, IVRs, call
queuing, the list goes on...

The Linksys 3102 is quite good as an FXO interface, there's plenty of
config doco around to route the calls inbound via FXO to the Asterisk
box first, rather than ringing the FXS port.

The SPA8000, if it's anything like their "Linksys One" series, might be
ok for home consumers, but we've had to deal with at least one with
unsolvable problems.  Asterisk is far more debuggable, flexible and
powerful.  The modules provided are awesome.

Have fun!

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Does anyone on-list use 'Asterisk'??

I saw this page on configuring it as a SIP client:

and wondered if anyone did that...

I've a little low-power intel server that I could use to do this.

Could have the "Fastest Milk Cart in the West",  where "Milk Cart" ==
"answering machine" :-)

The next step would be either ditching the analogue POTS phone/service
or finding an affordable FXO interface (looks like a handset to the
exchange. Just like a modem).
My own little 2-line Telephone Exchange!

Which all might be moot if the A$ hits 'parity' and toys like these are
available over-the-net :-/

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