[clug] Anyone using 'Asterisk' as a SIP client??

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Oct 9 22:15:31 MDT 2010

Does anyone on-list use 'Asterisk'??

I saw this page on configuring it as a SIP client:

and wondered if anyone did that...

I've a little low-power intel server that I could use to do this.

Could have the "Fastest Milk Cart in the West",
 where "Milk Cart" == "answering machine" :-)

The next step would be either ditching the analogue POTS phone/service
or finding an affordable FXO interface (looks like a handset to the
exchange. Just like a modem).
My own little 2-line Telephone Exchange!

Which all might be moot if the A$ hits 'parity' and toys like these are
available over-the-net :-/

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