[clug] Canberra bid for LCA2013

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 20:13:00 MDT 2010

Just a heads up to anyone interested in being part of a Canberra bid
to host LCA in 2013, the year of Canberra's centenary. A team has
started to form, has had a meeting and early preliminary work has
commenced on putting a bid together.

To prevent spamming the CLUG list, there's a separate mailing list for
anyone interested in being part of the bid process. Right now it's all
about a bid that would be evaluated in about a year's time. If the bid
is successful, there will then be a need to firm up a team to actually
run the thing.

So, if you're interested and you haven't done so already, please
subscribe yourself to the bid list and become involved:

lca2013 at lists.clug.org.au


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