[clug] MSY @ Fyshwick. Any feedback?

Brendan Jurd direvus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 07:13:50 MST 2010

On 28 November 2010 13:44, Lana Brindley <lanabrindley at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 28 November 2010 13:36, steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:
>> I noticed on the MSY site, that the Fyshwick store opened at the end of
>> October. I've bought on-line and visited one with my cousin in Brisbane.
>> <http://www.msy.com.au/LOCATION/fyshwick.htm>
> Geocities called. They want their website back. And the Engrish burns us, it
> does ...

If only it were that benign.  I *remember* geocities.  I even had a
site of my own (oh, the shame) and while there were some bloody awful
sites on there, I think the MSY site takes some kind of cake for worst
website I've ever seen.  It's definitely in the top five.  I was only
able to look at it for about three seconds before I panic-closed the


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