[clug] Free stuff

Jessica Fryer jessicanumber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 13:18:45 MST 2010

Hi everyone

My friend's fiancee has filled her garage with his projects/hobby but they
ran out of room and he realised he was never going to have time to fix up
all the computers he had collected. The solution was simple: they gave a
carload of stuff to me to "get rid of."

So if you enjoy tinkering with hardware, maybe building one awesome machine
out of two good ones, then come on over and collect some of this gear.

Additionally, if anyone can help me find something in the pile that I might
find particularly useful, I'll be thrilled.

The stuff is at my house in Hackett, just email me or text 0420963863. If
students without cars want some free stuff I'm happy to arrange to just drop
everything to a group on campus. Just figure out a good time during basic
"school hours" and I am bound to be available.

Kind regards
Jessica Number

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