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Thu Mar 18 17:34:04 MDT 2010

change this on the windows client to be able to use NTLM. Would this be a
potential cause of your problems or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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> I've setup Samba servers before on Ubuntu boxes, so I know how to setup a
> basic Samba server.  One limitation I've run into (perhaps a Windows
> limitation more than a Samba issue) has been the inability to login to two
> shares at the same time.  That is, when using user-level security instead
> of
> share-level security, I can't be logged into two shares at once.
> I have a network now that requires people to login to more than one share
> at
> a time.  Most of the clients are Windows XP.  I have found that if I use
> share-level security instead of user, I can login to multiple shares.
> WIndows XP does not ask for a username in this mode, just the password.
>  All
> works well with this method...with XP.  I have run into problems recently
> trying to connect both Mac OS X clients and Windows 7 clients.  Both
> actually do ask for a username and password; I had thought that in both
> cases, the username would simply be discarded but no matter, I still can't
> login to the shares no matter what combinations I try.
> So at this point I need to do either one of two things: move back to
> user-level security instead of shared - and figure out how to be able to
> login to two different shares at once - or figure out how to make
> share-level security work with Mac OS X and Windows 7 clients.  Any
> suggestions?  Currently using Ubuntu 9.04 and Samba 2:3.3.2-1ubuntu3.2
> (which I assume is some flavor of Samba 3.3.2).
> Thanks much!
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