[clug] still can't lock to ABC in Canberra using myth on DViCO [xpost CLUG, mythtv-users]

Daniel Rose drose at dtlm.homelinux.net
Sat Mar 27 07:32:17 MDT 2010

This is out of date, links don't work and it's for Tuggeranong anyway:


This has been an ongoing problem for ABC in canberra with mythtv:


This is an interaction between mythtv and the specific card that I have,
or perhaps a range of DViCO cards.  I suspect that it is to do with the
card not supporting a tune+offset.  The driver developer recommends that
the card instead be tuned directly to the frequency desired.

Using a different card, the problem goes away.

Using VLC, the DviCO Dual Digiatal 4 (rev1) that have can tune all ABC
stations perfectly.

I expect that VLC is tuning directly, but that Myth is being a little
more elegant and doing a tune+offset, which the driver does not properly

On the other hand, it could be caused by some obscure kernel setting,
the powers of the sun and the moon, who knows?

Is anyone interested in following this up? Does it qualify as something
that should be lodged at Mythtv's Trac?

I note that it sort of has been:


Has anyone tuning stations with offsets found a workaround, or does
anyone tuning offset stations with Zarlink tuners had no trouble at all?

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