[clug] [OT] Garden Telemetry (was Re: SSL Man-in-the-Middle attack - by "Law Enforcement"?)

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Mar 25 20:09:51 MDT 2010

On 26/03/2010, at 12:42 , Andrew Janke wrote:

> Does a Linux based controller for my home hydroponics setup (for
> _VEGETABLES_! I might stress) count?  So far I have just used a heap
> of cheap mechanical timers to turn pumps on and off but have always
> thought this would be a great project for some arduino/controller type
> of thing.

Agriculture-oriented technical toys:

As an example, grab a few of the FullStop wetting front detectors, replace the mechanical float+indicator with a reed switch in the ground, with the wires coming up along with the sample hose.  Thus the wetting front detector can be entirely under the ground, allowing the hose+wires to surface outside the raised bed, allowing chook tractors to be manoeuvred over the bed without disrupting the telemetry.

Hook a few of these up to a small (solar/battery powered) controller in the garden, which then transmits data back to the base station (wifi? ethernet? IR link?)… profit?


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