[clug] Wikipedia and Deletionism

Karun Dambiec kdambiec at fsfe.org
Wed Mar 24 23:46:14 MDT 2010

Looks like someone has already discussed if it is notable from the 
Mediawiki talk page.

" Currently I don't see any sources showing that this software is 
notable. If it is, shouldn't such be justified be justified by 
citations? Seems a lot of the article may be self-published or 
non-notable, though I may not understand these issues well."

Ive begun looking at Citizenpedia as an alternative to Wikipedia recently.

On 25/03/10 3:03 PM, Jeffm wrote:
> My response to this would be to propose deletion of the page about 
> media wiki - it doesn't run on windows so it's obviously no notable.
> When that gets shouted down pick something less ridiculous and keep 
> drawing them out to find were the line exists. As to deletion of the 
> page about ANU or another Australian uni for that matter propose 
> deletion of UCLA or Harvard :-).
> What's notable to someone depends on the phsycological distance from 
> them I suppose.
> Jeff.
> On 25/03/10 2:50 PM, Karun Dambiec wrote:
>> Looks like the Maui Cluster Scheduler has just been proposed for 
>> deletion again. And the page about Andrew Tridgell recently.
>> It seems they have been going overboard recently, and Im finding that 
>> wikipedia is becoming more less useful, and the english version is 
>> developing a US bias.
>> The other languages are not, due to them not being the main language 
>> of the US.

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