[clug] Nagios show status information as (null)

Anthony David adavid at adavid.com.au
Tue Mar 23 01:23:14 MDT 2010

Jeffm wrote:
> Have this annoying problem with nagios I'm hoping the local nagios 
> experts can help me solve. Search the web hasn't turned up anything 
> useful (eye strain doesn't count as useful).
> I'm using nrpe to run remote checks on a machine. I have two dummy 
> tests and a real one which I'm developing.
> The first dummy one, as written in the nrpe cfg file, is,
>   command[check_ok]=/bin/bash -c 'echo "Hello"; exit 0'
> this works fine.
> The second dummy test was added to check that it wasn't a python 
> specific problem I was having,
>   command[test_py]=<path-to-script>/test_py.py
> where <path-to-script> is the location of the script. The script in 
> turn says,
>   #!/usr/bin/python
>   # Minimal python test
>   import sys
>   print "OK w/ exit"
>   sys.exit(0)
> The real script ends in the same two lines and has all three tests 
> have very similar setups in the nagios config. All three scripts 
> return correctly when called via check_nrpe on the command line from 
> the machine nagios is running on, eg,
> $ ../libexec/check_nrpe -n -t 20 -H <hostaddress> -c test_py
> OK w/ exit
> and return an exit code of,
> $ echo $?
> 0
> However, the real script under development fails within nagios with 
> the web interface displaying the Status as WARNING and the Status 
> Information as (null).
> Is there anything I should be looking for? The only thing I can think 
> of at the moment is timeouts, but the script real script runs in under 
> 0.050 seconds wall time so that's not it.
> Jeff.
Hi Jeff

Are you asking us to debug a black box?

Can you post the script you are having trouble with?



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