[clug] Arlec surge protector

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Mar 17 15:35:47 MDT 2010

I was at Coles the other day and bought an "Arlec" brand surge protector
for $10.50.
The DA15 on this page:

It looks like a flat double adaptor with a single 240V outlet/socket and
two RJ-11/12 modular phone sockets - and a red light to say it's "OK".

The thing that had me worried: does it work with ADSL?
Yes, at least ADSL 1 @ 1500kpbs. I don't have ADSL2 after a lot of
hassle because of an 'infrastructure fault' between my house and the
roadside junction box. (called a ???)

What really struck me (and worthy of consuming some of your collective
cycles) was an power meter for $29.50 - which I thought was Arlec as
well, but doesn't show up there. It's a "wall wart", like a digital
timer, with an LCD display, a 240V outlet/socket and 3 buttons.

Whirlpool forum on the topic:

There have been any number of times I'd have liked (or needed) to know
just what power something was drawing... Now something simple and cheap.


Now for something Completely Off-Topic:

In the world of Physics, there's Energy/Work and Power (Energy per unit
time), Joules and Watts.

In computing we have MIPS (work per unit time), so what's the equivalent
of Joules??

And how does that relate to 'thunks' by people??

Is there work done on measuring/reporting the computational 'cycles' of
brains on standard tasks??

As in, "I don't wish to waste more than 6 'thunks' on this problem"
or "is this worthy of consuming many collective 'thunks'?".

We will now resume normal programming... [Silence] :-)

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