[clug] Stallman visit

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Tue Mar 16 20:12:07 MDT 2010

Robert Edwards wrote:
> Ooooh - my first posting for the year...
> Richard Stallman is visiting Canberra, specifically ANU and NICTA,
> in early October, including running an emacs workshop and giving
> a public lecture. Looks like he may be here from 5th - 7th or 8th.
> Question is, do we (CLUG) want to do anything GNU/Linux'y with
> him whilst he is here? The organisers are asking and want to know
> soonish so they can work out how long he might stay for.

I think it needs to be something specific.  A general talk runs the risk
of duplicating or splintering the public lecture and I suspect many of
us will go to that as well.


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