[clug] Using Kindle?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Mar 12 14:38:22 MST 2010

Felix Karpfen <felix at spodzone.org.uk> writes:


> I would therefore welcome comments from CLUG members who have explored what
> Kindle has to offer.  And are there competitors to Kindle, that warrant a
> look before I put my money down?

Yes, absolutely.  Not least because the market is still young, and new and
interesting options are routinely released like the only-in-Japan colour eInk
reader from Fujitsu.

FWIW, if you read a lot of PDF content you will probably find the Kindle less
than entirely satisfactory.


Both of those have fairly good summations of the options available; the Sony
options are likely to be worth a look, at least.

> The following additional info is relevant to my queries:
> I like reading text on a desktop-computer screen (and feel virtuous about
> saving trees).  I have no interest in portable <telephones|computers|
> libraries>.

You may find eBook readers disappoint on the last preference, since many of
them want to bundle MP3 playback, web browsing, and similar features into the
one unit.

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