[clug] CLUG Programmers SIG meeting for March 2010

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Mar 10 20:35:16 MST 2010

 Hi all, 
 It looks like the LUG-in-a-box system hasn't send the email out for 
tonight's session (probably because I put the details in this 
morning), so I'll copy and paste from it: 
 Bob Edwards writes: 
 I have a Bus Pirate module (from Littlebird Electronics) 
 that arrived last week that I have been playing with. I 
 also have a couple of AVR Sticks that can, apparently, 
 be reprogrammed with the Bus Pirate. I might get it all 
 going by Thursday, else I would be pleased if 
 like-minded folk wanted to have a "hackfest" and see 
 if we can make these dudes do something cool.  
 I also have some Jennic modules ready for some actual 
 work... We could play with them instead, or as well...  
 So let's have a hardware hacking session. Bring along the hardware 
projects you're working on and we'll have a night of soldering and 
 Have fun, 

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