[clug] SPLAT Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool [SEC=PERSONAL]

Roppola, Antti Antti.Roppola at daff.gov.au
Mon Mar 1 21:01:18 MST 2010

Hi Keith,

The link is a request to send the Topo250 WMS service's
"GetCapabilities" in an XML document. It's designed to help a WMS aware
tool identify which layers can be requested via other methods like
"GetMap". Here's an example where I've manually constrcted a map

(as you can see, there's no pesky licenses to agree to and it's pretty

Here's the same WMS service included in the OpenLayer sample I showed at
CLUG a couple of momths back. It's not quite working, I ran out of lunch
time so I'll have a tinker later on, but "view source" gives you a feel
for how the Geoscience WMS data source is used with OpenLayers:

As you identify, you can also access the Topo250 data in a range of
other formats including downloadable ESRI Shapefiles. What format is
most appropriate will depend on what tools you want to use to overlay
your data. WMS is great if you don't want to download all the data and
want to include other WMS sources in your mash-up, Shape is better if
you want something that isn't network dependant. Shape is compatible
with most desktop GIS software.



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Roppola, Antti wrote:

Hi Antti,

The Digital Elevation Topography Models are from
<http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/> but downloaded

I couldn't open the link in your second para but this is a list of
available formats from mapconnect
the default is ESRI Shapefile.

Can you suggest which of the above formats I might try?

I will read-up on Web Map Service from Geoscience Australia
unfortunately the mapconnect XML file would not display with firefox???

Thanks for your help, if I may I will ask further questions when I've
done some more reading.

> Hi Keith,
> In short, yes it is.
> I had a quick look at Splat and it appears to generae analyses as
> layers which are almost certainily fixed to some real-world coordinate
> space. This means any GIS (like the FOSS QuantumGIS) will be able to
> overlay your signal coverage on the Topo250 data.
> However I notice that Topo250 is published as a convenient WMS
> _250kmap_WMS&
> If you want to do a little more work up-front to publish your analyses
> as WMS service, it would be a pretty trivial OpenLayers project to
> overlay your results with that or any other WMS (like Open Street
> Here's an example overlaying OSM on the OpenLayers base:
> http://www.elder-gods.net/hastur/foss4g2009/openlayers/index2.html
> Cheers,
> Antti 
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