[clug] OT: LauchPad MSP430 dev board

Jeff jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Jun 23 01:06:44 MDT 2010

A few of the H/W hacker and embedded developer may be interested in 
this. Hack a day had an article on the LauchPad developement platform 
for $US4.30 (about $AU 6.84 ) including postage worldwide:

TI's main LauchPad is:

Unfortunately, it appears that the tool chain is Windows only at the 
moment. From what I've read there's also a GCC tool chain

GCC tool chain for MSP430

though I haven't done enough reading at this stage to know if it's 
possible to go from idea to programmed device on Linux.

Also, just to round things out there's a JTAG adaptor based on the MSP430:
    GoodFet Programmer


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