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Tue Jun 22 05:42:17 MDT 2010

>> second is the high acceptance of low standard tech journalism.
> It's the same with all journalism. Any technical or detailed aspect
> will be simplified to the point of being incorrect in order to remain
> accessible to the wider lay audience. This applies to IT, law,  
> science,
> civil or mechanical engineering, etc. See poor reporting on Toyota's
> stuck throttle problems for an example.
> And I think it's mostly reasonable on the journalist's part. Neither  
> they
> nor the layman can't really be expected to understand everything.  
> What I
> think isn't reasonable is that more detailed and correct reporting  
> isn't
> widely available. As I said before, intellectualism isn't perceived  
> as a
> desirable trait, and therefore it doesn't sell newspapers.
> In short, people suck and enjoy being stupid and that's what  
> journalists
> must pitch to.
>> It is fantastic (and unusual) that this group is self moderating to
>> the degree that someone can be relied on to fully research any
>> 'fact' and the culture permits dispute and debate.
> Great ideas can only come about in a culture of discussion, dispute,
> criticism and debate.
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