[clug] Help in Setting up WiFi

Elizabeth Waddell eliza6226 at beagle.com.au
Tue Jun 22 02:02:35 MDT 2010

Elizabeth Waddell wrote:

1 am a newbie who is trying to set up a wifi connection between my Apple 
Mac Mini desktop and a Gigabyte laptop running Linux (Slackware 13.1). I 
want to access the Mac's printer and internet connection on my Linux 
machine from various locations about the house.

I am unfamiliar with networking of any kind and the information that I 
have located on the net relating to wifi seems to presume a basic 
knowledge of wired networking.

I have fiddled around with every setting that I can think of on both 
machines and although I can get Wicd on the Linux computer to detect the 
presence of the Mac, I cannot manage to get a usable connection.

I live in Yass, but I could bring the Linux computer, plus a Mac laptop 
into the next Clug meeting. Would anyone be prepared to show me how to 
connect the two? Hopefully, I could then transfer the settings to the 
Mac Mini at home.

Alternatively, could anyone suggest a guide to setting up wifi that is 
couched in a straightforward language that I can understand?


Elizabeth Waddell

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