[clug] Anti-Virus Software

Antti Roppola anttir at elder-gods.net
Tue Jun 22 00:50:40 MDT 2010

> On 22/06/10 13:44, Brett Worth wrote:
> > Looks like I'm gunna need some AV software for my Linux systems.  Maybe I could run some
> > in a VM or under Wine.  :-)
> >
> > http://www.news.com.au/technology/no-anti-virus-software-no-internet-connection/story-e6frfro0-1225882656490

The actual report is less alarming. You'd have a contractual
obligation with your ISP to be running current AV software. If you
didn't, I presume your ISP could take civil action to recover any costs
arising from BotNets emenating from your connection. This is not a law.

I'd say my MacOS and Linux installs are "reasonable" anti-virus software
packages as far as my AV efforts are concerned and doubt any civil
action would succeed. More likely the actual clause as defined by an ISP
would not need to mandate a specific form of AV.

I'd wait for a legal analysis.


14. That the Australian Communications and Media Authority take the lead
role and work with the Internet Industry Association to immediately
elaborate a detailed e-security code of practice to be registered under
the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth).
That the code of practice include:
- an obligation that the Internet Service Provider provides basic
security advice when an account is set up to assist the end user to
protect themselves from hacking and malware infections;
- a mandatory obligation to inform end users when their IP address has
been identified as linked to an infected machine(s);
- a clear policy on graduated access restrictions and, if necessary,
disconnection until the infected machine is remediated;
- the provision of basic advice and referral for technical assistance
for remediation; and
 - a requirement that acceptable use policies include contractual
obligations that require a subscriber to:
* install anti-virus software and firewalls before the Internet
connection is activated;
* endeavour to keep e-security software protections up to date; and
* take reasonable steps to remediate their computer(s) when notified of
suspected malware compromise.

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