[clug] Kobo eBook Reader - followup query

Denise Bates dbates at fwi.net.au
Mon Jun 14 01:32:46 MDT 2010

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic wrote:
> Depends on what you want and how much you want to pay.
> Officeworks has some gadgets advertised as e-Readers for < $200;
I bought a $129 "Stash" ebook from Officeworks and I can offer the 
following observations:
It has a backlit LCD screen, so it has a shorter battery life than other 
ebooks (the manual claims about 7 hours, which seems to be about right). 
The LCD does give a prettier colour menu, etc and it will display photos 
and some movies. 
The backlit screen is much easier to read in low-light conditions, but 
it is almost unreadable in bright sunlight.
It plays MPEG movies, but it won't play AVI, so you can't get much video 
onto each SD card.
PDF files are displayed OK, although the large ones are slow to load. It 
manages to read EPUB format, but it degrades the book to plain text, 
without any EPUB formatting (it has its own bookmarking system). It 
won't read PDB formatted documents at all.
As a MP3 player, it is about as good as any, although on the large side.
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