[clug] Telstra Turbo 21 (Sierra Wireless USB 306) wireless modem - the saga resumes

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 21:40:24 MDT 2010

tried plugging it into a Windows (ptui!) xp machine and also a Windows
(ptui!) 7 machine and although it installed drivers and stuff, it
could not connect to the Telstra service.  most likely operator
ignorance, but because it was someone else's ptui!, I really don't
give a rat's a....

but interestingly while in ptui!, the installer offered to upgrade the
firmware, which I courageously accepted.  this made no difference, but
by this time I was feeling very what the heck give it a go and noticed
that Sierra Wireless was offering a more recent driver and firmware
upgrade, which I also accepted.  this also did not work, but by this
stage I was giving even less of a RA.

to bring this post back on topic, the usb wireless modem with upgraded
firmware still works on Ubuntu 10.04, perhaps even better, giving 3 -
3.85 Mbits/s which I think is faster than I am getting out of the
wired Transact/Netspeed combo... :( and :)

now to the linux question (finally): does anyone know if it is
possible to upgrade the modem firmware in Ubuntu Linux so I do not
have to pollute soul and offend the purity of the cosmos when the next
upgrade arrives?


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