[clug] Mobile Broadband [SOLVED]

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Sat Jun 12 02:56:37 MDT 2010

I finally got back to my Nokia tethering today and got it working.

In the last episode:

I'm trying to tether a Nokia phone to my laptop with USB and access Telstra Internet via
knetworkmanager.  When I was trying this back in March I had no success.

My laptop runs OpenSUSE 11.2.  The latest version of ModemManager for that distro is
version 0.2_20090810-2.1 which I now know has a problem talking to Nokia phones.  I've now
installed the latest ModemManager from rpmfind which is version 0.3-3.3.  This has solved
the problem and allowed me to play around with the connection parameters until I got it
working.  There's a lot of conflicting advice out there so here's some more.  This does
actually work though.

After you plug-in the usb cable and select PC-Link on the phone, knetworkmanager should
pop up a message saying that a mobile broadband device has been detected.  "Manage
Connections" then select the "Mobile Broadband" tab.  Add a new GSM connection.  Name the
connection (e.g. Telstra Internet) then on the "Mobile Broadband" tab enter "*99#" in the
"Number" field.  In the "Advanced" frame's "APN" field enter "telstra.internet".   All
other fields are left blank. I've select "Connect Automatically" so the link will come up
as soon as the phone connects.  On the "PPP" tab everything can be left at default values.

My phone has 600MB/month data download available.  Make sure you check your plan before
you surf because I've heard horror stories about $1,000+ data charges for a month.

Now I just need to find out where to go on the Telstra site to see what I've downloaded
each month.

My next project will be to achieve the same result with a BlueTooth connection to the
phone instead of the USB cable.


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