[clug] Telstra pre-paid WBB

Brian brians at en.com.au
Sun Jun 6 17:37:13 MDT 2010

At Australia post they have the telstra pre-paid wireless broadband at a 
$29 for the USB modem if you also buy $100 recharge. This offer has been 
extended until 20 June.

The total price is $29 + $100 which gives you the wireless broadband 
modem with initial bonus 1 GB data
plus a $100 voucher for 6GB data that can be used at a later date. All 
the data expires in 30 days unless a new recharge is used.

The front of the Wireless modem is labeled "Turbo" with Telstra on a 
Blue background with Next G on the bottom.

The back of the modem label  tells you that it is a Sierra Wireless 
model USB 301 at 7.2Mbps peak.

It has a connection for an external antenna  and  a micro SD  slot.

It worked after activating the sim by phone (after ~2hr delay) on Ubuntu 
9.10 and 10.04 but the connect light continues to flash blue and I can 
not yet discover how to check my remaining data balance.

I can ping google, browse web and check emails etc.

Does anybody know how to check the data usage from Linux?

Using Linux is a problem for Telstra tech support.


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