[clug] OT: newbie RAID question

Robert Cohen robertc99 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 19:58:14 MDT 2010

Since your asking on a linux list. Presumably your running linux on the 
At least in theory you don't need advanced commands to scrub a disk.
As long as you can get access to it as a device, dd if=/dev/zero will 
work just fine.

On 4/06/10 10:17 AM, Carlo Hamalainen wrote:
> Hi,
> Suppose I have a RAID 5 array with three drives. One drive went dodgy
> so I replaced it under warranty, and now the vendor wants the old
> drive back (I don't know why).
> The drive in question has confidential information on it. I've been
> told that one can't reconstruct the array from a single drive, which
> is fine, but if someone runs a low level scan of the drive, won't they
> see snippets of data?
> (I would pop this drive into another PC and wipe it but it's a SAS
> drive, none of our PCs have a SAS controller, and our server doesn't
> have the erase-disk-in-array command because we don't have the HP
> "advanced" smart array pack installed.)

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