[clug] OT: newbie RAID question

Carlo Hamalainen carlo.hamalainen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 18:17:19 MDT 2010


Suppose I have a RAID 5 array with three drives. One drive went dodgy
so I replaced it under warranty, and now the vendor wants the old
drive back (I don't know why).

The drive in question has confidential information on it. I've been
told that one can't reconstruct the array from a single drive, which
is fine, but if someone runs a low level scan of the drive, won't they
see snippets of data?

(I would pop this drive into another PC and wipe it but it's a SAS
drive, none of our PCs have a SAS controller, and our server doesn't
have the erase-disk-in-array command because we don't have the HP
"advanced" smart array pack installed.)

Carlo Hamalainen

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