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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Jul 31 19:00:59 MDT 2010

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On 07/28/2010 07:06 AM, Adam Baxter wrote:
>>        pivot_root /mnt/tmproot /mnt/tmproot
> Interesting, what's pivot_root?

Now there's an excellent question for a "the basics of Linux" question.  Well,
maybe not 'basics' but certainly 'how stuff works behind the scenes'.

I want to start trying out quarter-hour talks on basic Linux stuff - how to
get basic home networking going, how to share files, how USB works, etc.
These don't have to be complicated or detailed, but just enough to show that
Linux isn't hard to understand if you put a bit of time in.  If anyone wants
to give a talk on anything like this, now matter how simple or esoteric,
contact me!

(Side note: I also intend to do one of these on 'how to present stuff at
meetings and conferences' too :-)

On the original topic, I use 'shred -vz' to wipe disks - it's a single
command, it can run on files (I use the '-u' option for files to zero the name
in the directory before deletion too) and disks, it can do a number of passes,
and it's pretty much self sufficient.  I imagine once you go into init 3, shut
down everything else that you can and shred the disk, there's not going to be
much to do after that...

Have fun,

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