[clug] Apache internal n/w Redirect/proxy clues

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Thu Jul 29 23:32:29 MDT 2010


I use a Linux machine as my Internet gateway, Apache web server, mail 
server and NAT router for the rest of the machines in my home network.
I have a couple of other web servers on the internal (NATed) network 
that I want to access from the Internet side.

I have been doing this using masquerading and port forwarding using 
obscure high port numbers, and although this is working recent changes 
to my work firewall are now blocking the ports I have been using, so it 
no longer functions from where I most often use it :(

                                     |----House Web Server (Apache)
Internet ----- Gateway/WWW/NAT -----|----TV Web Scheduler (Java/IIS)
                happy.emu.id.au      |----Windows XP Clients

Rather than port scanning the work firewall to find another couple of 
open ports to use (there may now be none), I was wondering if I could 
denote a folder in the website on the gateway machine and use the 
gateway web server to proxy the web pages from the other machines (as it 
can see all the required machines {house & wstv}).

This is sort of like a redirect, however the external web browser will 
not be able to see the referenced internal machine directly so the 
typical web redirect where the external browser gets the page will not work.

Is there a way I can tell Apache to alias/proxy certain folders to the 
internal machines.  In this way I can use the standard port 80 web 
interaction which will work through the work firewall?

I am sure there must be a method to do this, have tried looking this up 
but as I don't know what the method is called I cannot find first base 
on how to do it.

Any pointers / clues would be much appreciated.

Neil Pickford

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