[clug] Wiping a (running) system...

Francis Whittle fj.whittle at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 21:13:40 MDT 2010

You could try doing a pivot_root onto tmpfs (obviously after copyingwhat
you need onto there)

So something like

	mount tmproot -t tmpfs -o size=1G,nr_inodes=16k /mnt/tmproot

	rsync -aPx / /mnt/tmproot

	pivot_root /mnt/tmproot /mnt/tmproot

There's obviously going to be some fluff around that (A lot of processes
should die or they'll still be trying to write to files that are opened
on a different filesystem structure), but that's more or less the guts
of it.

On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 12:56 +1000, Andrew Janke wrote:
> We've had plenty of talk about how to wipe a disk but I am in the
> situation where I want/need to wipe a remote system as much as
> possible.  I can't really get physical access to the system but can
> SSH to it now.  I can remove all the data from the data partitions no
> sweat but the root disk is more interesting...
> Is there some way to loading a currently running system into a ram
> disk or something and then wiping the disk from there?
> ta
> a

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