[clug] Moving the contents of / to a new filesystem on Ubuntu?

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Jul 26 08:10:59 MDT 2010


I don't spend a lot of time doing really low level disk admin these 
days, so I apologize for the noob question.

I have a root file system at home on a disk which is failing. I also 
have a RAID file system on this machine on disks which aren't failing [1].

Is there a nice tool in Ubuntu which will support moving the contents of 
/ to this file system without a reinstall? I could do it manually, but 
its fiddly to do while remote from the machine, which I will be for the 
next 10 days.


1: Pairs of software RAID mirrored disks, concatenated with LVM if that 

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