[clug] emz files

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jul 14 04:10:47 MDT 2010

> Hi all,  my son-in-law,  the unashamed windows tech, insists on
> sending me
> .emz files.
> I have tried googling for a way to open them, but have not found a
> working
> solution,
> all replies are a few years old and don't work
> They are supposed to be a gzipped picture file, but MS has worked its
> usual magic with the standard
> and made it unopenable with a normal file extractor.
> Has anybody had recent experience opening these,  and what sort of can
> opener did you use?

Try unzipping it (or use gunzip) and then try loading into OO draw
which can render eml files

No certainity it will work though.



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