[clug] Software Freedom Day 2010 plans

Lana Brindley lanabrindley at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 16:42:51 MDT 2010

Woohoo! Bring it on! It's easy to build excitement about stuff when there's
decent giveaways. Pia's stuffed Tux dolls were great last year.


On 8 July 2010 08:38, Mike Carden <mike.carden at gmail.com> wrote:

> The LA Council discussed SFD briefly at last night's teleconf. There's
> a bunch of ex-LCA schwag (T Shirts, toys, bags etc) that we're paying
> quite a bit to store in Hobart and Melbourne. Plans to develop an
> avenue for selling it all have come to nought, so there's now an idea
> that registered SFD teams might receive a bunch of freebies to give
> away on SFD.
> More info when the Prez makes an announcement...
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Cheers! Lana

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