[clug] j2me open source encryption options?

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Wed Jul 7 00:52:16 MDT 2010


For storing passwords and various other records on Nokia Symbian phones (yes
I know we could have much more capable open phones, but for now neither Bob
or I do) I have been trying out a bunch of the j2me apps.

The one I found with the most obvious source code availability (though no
obvious licence alas, apart from the claim of no cover, etc) is Pocket
Protector http://www.eaves.org/jon/j2me/pocket.shtml

This code was released in 2002 sometime.

pretty simple. It works and the encryption code is available from

However we wish to be able to back up the record stores and view them on a
linux machine, the code uses the j2me RecordStore code and looking around
the web that is stored internally in a few possible locations on the phone

However when I try bluetooth browsing the phone memory non of those possible
locations are visible.

So does anyone know of a j2me compatible application to encrypt
notes or similar (which would be al we really need) that has an easily
accessed store for the encrypted notes for backup/off phone usage.

I thought it best to ask first before writing code to do what we want.


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