[clug] Terminal Control Sequences

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Jul 4 16:08:37 MDT 2010

moncojhr wrote on 5/07/10 12:53 AM:
> Thanks for the input, so for instance with this:
> echo -e '\033]2;Hello\007'
> which is ESC ] 2 ; Hello BEL
> Am I able to actually type this in?

Possibly, if your shell doesn't get in the way and remap chars...
[I use bash in 'vi' mode and would have to use ^V to escape those
sequences. 'stty' is there because term input is not raw, but 'cooked'.]

I don't know the sensitivity of the terminal code to two other things:
 - extra characters (/n/r ie ^J^M)
 - sequences not at  'line speed'. ie. timing gaps when you type

Good luck

> So far i tried to type in the sequence
> ESC ] 2 ; H e l l o Ctrl+G
> But nothing happens? Where as echo -e '\033]2;Hello\007' does work, so...
> maybe ctrl+g is not inputing a BEL character?
> Thanks!

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