[clug] Effect of operating temps on life of integrated circuits

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Effect of operating temps on life of integrated
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> On 23/01/2010, at 6:32 PM, steve jenkin wrote:

> > Another cute factoid I ran into about Fans:
> >
> > Noise varies with *5th* power of fan speed.
> > Running fans at half-speed is much quieter :-)
> >
> > Not sure about the power-draw of fans w.r.t. speed.
> > I'd have thought cube of speed, but that article said "square law" :-(
> This is another non-trivial eqn I'd think, as energy imparted to air would
> vary with the square of speed, energy lost to acoustic effects varies with
> the 5th power (as you point out, non-trivial at higher speeds) but maybe
> more importantly the reverse-EMF generated by the motor spinning itself
> causes the fan's efficiency to vary widely and in a
> non-trivial-to-calculate-in-a-general way.
I understand that square law applies, for the reasons you suggest, to 
axial-flow fans.  Most fans in IT equipment are of that type.  Cube law is 
generally accepted as the factor for centrifugal fans, which are seen only 
occassionally in IT equipment.


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