[clug] NetworkManager issue?

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Mon Jan 25 15:49:39 MST 2010

Peter Lavender wrote:
> I have an 802.11n card in my mythbuntu box, and I have a mile of
> problems with NetworkManager  and maintaining a consistent link to the
> access point.
> Would switching to WICD make a difference here or is it just one of
> those things that 802.11N speeds on linux is a dream?  ( I also have
> problems with an intel nic in my Dell laptop working but I think that's
> more to do with the driver/module support given all the complaints I've
> found on the net when searching for a solution to that issue ).  
I'm running an N network at home, my laptop connects to a Netgear 
WNDR3700 over a 5.2GHz link using network manager. I've maintained links 
for weeks with no dropouts or connection problems.

I consistantly get around 85 Mbits/sec in iperf speed tests with a 
100Mb/s ethernet link on the server. That's about the best I think I can 
hope for.


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