[clug] Ever received a .dat file from an <other OS> user?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Jan 16 03:29:46 MST 2010

Kevin Pulo wrote on 16/01/10 9:01 PM:

> I thought there was a shopt or set option which is the equivalent of
> "use strict" (and tcsh behaves this way by default when unset
> variables are expanded), but I can't seem to find anything for it...
> maybe I'm thinking of failglob, which is close but not quite...
> Kev.

 set -o nounset
 set -u

"man bash" says about 'set' in SHELL BUILTIN COMMANDS.

(-o)	nounset Same as -u.

-u	Treat unset variables as an error  when  performing
	parameter  expansion.  If expansion is attempted on
	an unset variable, the shell prints an  error  mes-
	sage,  and,  if  not interactive, exits with a non-
	zero status.

Doesn't work in an interactive shell :-(
Haven't tested in a script.


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