[clug] Which to go for?

Ben Nizette bn at niasdigital.com
Sat Jan 16 03:28:46 MST 2010

On 16/01/2010, at 9:20 PM, Andrew Janke wrote:
> Note the 'make -j6', an i7 with HT isn't really 8 cores as we all know
> and I find 6 concurrent jobs to be about the sweet spot. 7 is
> sometimes a frazzle faster but 8 is nearly always slower if all
> "cores" are running at 100%.

At a guess this is showing the extra bandwidth of the SSD - with my rotating storage I guess each thread takes marginally longer waiting for I/O so having a few extra around to fill the gaps is an advantage.

Also shows that if you're regularly building kernels for known machines then taking a few minutes to trim down your config will get you those minutes back in build time (even on mad hardware setups).


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