[clug] Which to go for?

Ben Nizette bn at niasdigital.com
Sat Jan 16 03:16:23 MST 2010

On 16/01/2010, at 8:41 PM, Andrew Janke wrote:

>> If possible, could you kindly tell me how long does it take for:
>> - Build
>> - Debootstrap
>> on your i7 920? Thanks :-)
> Well on the "mine is faster than yours" front here is a little bit of
> history I have been keeping for various CPU's for the image proc
> package that I write/maintain.
>   http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/MINC/Benchmarks
> The test involves about 40MB of disk I/O and a bunch of CPU.

Cool - we've come a long way!

The one which interests me though is:

Intel 3.16Ghz Core2Duo    6144KB cache     8GB RAM  Ubuntu Hardy i386        4m 54.74s  igns

Intel 3.16Ghz Core2Duo    6144KB cache     8GB RAM  Ubuntu Intrepid amd64    2m 50.41s  new igns

.. so you got a 60% increase in speed by going to a 64-bit OS and kernel?  Any other serious hardware changes (actually Vladimir did these tests, not you, do you know)?  Wow!


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