[clug] Which to go for?

Ben Nizette bn at niasdigital.com
Sat Jan 16 02:55:09 MST 2010

On 16/01/2010, at 8:45 PM, Andrew Janke wrote:

>> Going from HDD to ramdisk only got me ~10% gains so I imagine SSD would be somewhere in the middle, for me, not worth the extra $$.  This seems odd to me as I'd have picked big project compilation as being a particularly IO-heavy workload but clearly it's not.
> Or you have a bunch of RAM spare and Mr Kernel is doing a bunch of
> caching as you are reading and writing the same files all the time.
> I'm sure someone here will know how to turn of caching so that you can
> do a "better" test?

Oh I know the SSD has much better bandwidth, I'm just wondering what real-world situations can stress this if pulling ~300MB of source files off disk in under a minute doesn't do it.  So yeah, if getting another few GB of RAM can make a 1TB spinning disk perform within 10% of a 30GB SSD in this workload, I'm stoked :-)

>> So who's got an SSD, what's your workload and what kind of performance gains do you see?  Does anyone have a good home/office/workstation use case for SSDs or is it more limited to, I donno, big databases or large media streaming servers or something?
> I do! :)  I like.  I use them for system disks on Cluster machines (a
> 20GB /tmp predominately for temporary files).

Hehe, I don't know I'd class Cluster machines as home/office/workstation but I see your point!


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