[clug] Which to go for?

Ishwor Gurung ishwor.gurung at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 00:24:50 MST 2010

Hi all
I am considering buying either a Quadcore or a Xeon for setting up a
server/desktop environment.

It'll be running  java automated builds (hudson) and other compute
intensive tasks, several virtualised distros, kernel compilations,
tomcat, apache, mail...  (in short it'll be grokking box :)

I want to stick with DDR3 1.6Ghz, and either Core2Quad or Xeon.

Kindly provide your experience of which model of cpu (if applicable),
mobo you went for and why (even a web link would be great!).
Appreciate your help. Thanks!

Ishwor Gurung
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