[clug] SATA-1 SATA-2 Compatibility

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Mon Jan 11 17:28:39 MST 2010

I realise this is off topic but since I'm putting together a new Linux server I'll dare to

I've had an old ASUS motherboard (A8N5X) collecting dust for ages and plan to buy it a new
disk either 1TB or 1.5TB SATA.  This MB has 4 x SATA connectors without a version
specification so I'm assuming they're 1.5Gb/s SATA-1.

I've never used SATA in a home machine before and all the systems at work come with
matching drives.  All the TB+ drives I see for sale online are SATA-2 so my question is:
Would a SATA-2 disk work with a SATA-1 interface?


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