[clug] 'Rip!' on SBS, last Tuesday night

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Sun Jan 10 18:25:45 MST 2010

Martin Schwenke <martin at meltin.net> wrote:
> Why?  There are 2 sides to this.  The original creator of the material
> says "I'm not willing to let people mess with my creation for less
> that $250K".  So, either that creation is good enough that people will
> pay the $250K... or they laugh and go and do their own creative thing.

Licensing of music for performance reasons is compulsory in many
jurisdictions, and the price is set arbitrarily by the licensing body.
If you're a cover band, you pay your dues and you perform any music you
like. The publisher who coerced the artist into handing over all his
rights doesn't get to tell you "No", and they get some share of the dues
you paid.

So why isn't music licensed in the same way for sampling and reuse?

> People have that choice: they don't have to borrow, cover or sample
> other peoples' creations.

Then go back to the beginning of time and develop music from first
principles all by yourself. I'll allow you to start with banging sticks
together, you have to develop everything else from there on your own. I
don't want to hear anything derived from tribal music, classical, blues,
jazz or rock and roll.
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