[clug] 'Rip!' on SBS, last Tuesday night

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Jan 9 06:33:22 MST 2010

On 08/01/10 20:22, Mike Carden wrote:
>> must... resist... urge to rant... about copyright hypocrisy...
> C'mon Paul. You know we all love a rant. Rant on.

*shrugs* OK.


I wrote this before I read your email, because as it happened I was 
contemplating the usual "all rights reserved" spiel written on CD covers that 
are sort of there as the sop to the idea that one could simply write to The 
Rolling Stones and ask for permission to use a sample from one of their songs 
and they'd read it and go "oooh, a fellow suffering artist, sure - here you 
go, kid, go have fun with it."  The fact that (as the documentary totals up) 
properly purchasing the rights to the samples that Girl Talk used in one song 
cost over $250,000 - comfortably over what it cost to buy the CDs that he got 
the samples off in the first place, one might wager - shows that this is a 
false promise, and "all rights reserved" is really "all rights are never going 
to be granted to anyone else, so don't even try".

It's just so awfully, twistedly, viscerally, nastily wrong.

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Have fun,


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