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Felix Karpfen felix at spodzone.org.uk
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On Fri, 08 Jan 2010 17:03:00 +1100, Lana Brindley wrote:

> 2010/1/8 Felix Karpfen <felix at spodzone.org.uk>:

>> One of the grades offered by HP mentions the following features:
>> Hewlett Packard (HP) Everyday Copy Paper A4 80gsm Rm/500 OWZZQ2400A
>>    * High Performance, Mutlifunction Paper for Laser and Inkjet
>> Printers, Copiers and Fax Machines.
>>    * Quality Tested to **Resist Jams** in Printers and Copiers. * 500
>>    Sheets - 80gsm.
> That is very reasonable!

What counts is not what it says but what it fails to say. 

In my book, that includes:

- printer jams appear to be a "printer feature" that make 
  "jam resistance" into a sales-feature; and 
- no details are provided on how jam-resistance was evaluated 
  and what the test-data showed.


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