[clug] Submerged PC (White Oil) & TV Capture Cards

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 03:32:42 MST 2010

I applaud the experiment, so please follow it through and tell us how it went.

A concern I have is that at some point oil can emit volatile gases so
you would want to take away any possible means of their being ignited.
Oil tends to do that when it's hot. Stuff immersed by the oil and
sparking is not your problem and even stuff under the oil getting
stupidly hot is unlikely to be an issue. Hot oil offgassing volatiles?
That's scary.

In terms of the machine still running, I'd want to know that my oil
had no known resistive, capacitive or inductive effects on the stuff
it surrounds.

There are other possible counterarguments, but most centre on how well
it will work. Screw them I say - you want to find out!

As you have acknowledged, the biggest risk is that the whole thing
decides to escape onto your lounge room carpet, but you are taking
steps to avoid that. Nice work.

Glad it's not me trying it though. :-)


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