[clug] Submerged PC (White Oil) & TV Capture Cards

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Tue Jan 5 02:32:03 MST 2010

On 01/05/2010 06:12 PM, steve jenkin wrote:
> There has to be a good reason that high-end systems don't use this
> seemingly simple and expedient scheme...
> [Cray-1 used a freon bath, now banned]
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cray-1>

More recent Crays use Fluorinert as a coolant though no longer full immersion.  The last
full immersion Cray was the T90 but getting into the modules was a huge pain.  Also if you
actually cooked a component the high temperature would turn the Fluorinert into something
pretty toxic.

The X1 used Fluorinert in phase change mode where it was sprayed onto the CPUs in liquid
form but recovered as a gas which is pretty efficient.

Current Crays just cool the air in the cabinets with refrigerant flowing through heat

I'd hate to have to maintain a system cooled with white oil.  What a mess!


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