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A similar experience from me.

I still use Exetel for ADSL2+as they offer me 30GB peak + some number off peak for $50 pm (incl naked phone line). I warn people their 'personal service' is very bad. Their automated service is fantastic. I had a computer tell me every second day when my connection would become active, when it was finally active and what other services they offered (all free too).

I get a free internet phone number and only need to pay for calls.

I get free web hosting with 200mb allowance.

They are also super aggressive on illegal downloaders. I find this to be a feature because I don't have heaps of 'torrent jockeys' slowing down my web. If you are a fan of the occasional torrent then this is definitely not the provider for you!

Another feature (again may only be useful for me) was the ability to select my upload speed even though I had to sacrifice some download speed.

Good luck to you all.
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keith sayers wrote on 4/01/10 5:47 PM:
> On Tuesday 22 December 2009 06:00:03 Adam Baxter wrote:
>> I used an Exetel HSPA plan until they terminated my service for being
>> a "non-profitable customer" :P
>> It's Optus 3G, 1-3mbit/second, 1.5c/megabyte flatrate with a $5/month
>> access charge.
>> Damn I wish I wasn't "non-profitable"
>       So a black mark for Exetel - did they say what was their minimum useage?

Exetel are *not* for the unsophisticated Joe User...

They make this plain on their website.

DO NOT use them as your first entre into the wonderful world of
networking & broadband - it will end badly for a first timer.

Also, they have an 'interesting' attitude to Customer Service (such as
above account).

I no longer use Exetel as an ISP because of their level of 'service'. I
still tell others to give them a go as they are cheap, and if it works
and stays working, what's not to like?


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