[clug] Submerged PC (White Oil) & TV Capture Cards

Jeff Stiff smee.heee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 00:07:11 MST 2010

Cheers all for the replies.

I have one old tuner card here that I will try testing with first, but
mainly wanted to see if anyone had any first hand experience with tuner

As to the benifits, as some have said, overclocking is a possability, but
for me, I am having issues with the CPU overheating, it has been bad since
day one, and getting worse.  So I am hopeful that I should be able to get
the temperature to a more consistant level.  But if it all goes wrong, well
I needed new hardware anyway. :)

As for the direct benifit for a Myth backend, none that I can see. But it
should also look good in the lounge.

A link for anyone interested:  http://www.pugetsystems.com/submerged.php

I'll report back the success, or otherwise, in a few weeks.  Just need to
source the White Oil now, but am lead to believe that the petrol depot at
Fyshwick sells it.


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